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National Tourism Development Programme (Vilnius, 1997)
The Programme was the update of the Programme prepared by Economic Research Centre in 1994. This Programme included a number of new issues, such as analysis of tourism industry entities’ attitude towards the development of tourism in the country; projections of tourism development and impact of tourism industry on development of Lithuanian economy; Lithuanian tourism industry in the context of international tourism development.
Vilnius Market Profile: Foreign Investment & Export Markets (Vilnius, 1997)
The study included analysis of the conditions and processes that characterised Vilnius city as a market space for international business, as well as analysis of issues related to Vilnius manufacturing enterprises' export, their main markets, both current and perspective ones.
Business Security in Lithuania (Vilnius, 1997)
The research project analysed the impact of illegal activities (including organized crime, economic crime, hidden economy, and corruption) on business development, situation in business security sphere, as well as the needs for business security activities in Lithuania.
Development of Free Economic Zones in Lithuania (Vilnius, 1997)
The aim of a PHARE funded project was assistance to local organizations in further development of the plans for implementation of Free Economic Zones (FEZ) in Lithuania. The main tasks of ERC were: evaluation of investment climate in Lithuania and neighboring countries, assessment of conditions and requirements for companies being established in FEZ, analysis of the local conditions and regional effects of establishment of FEZs, provision of recommendations on institutional framework and on assisting process of FEZs establishment.
The Baltic States and their Capital Cities: Economic Development, Economic Forecasts, Perspectives (Vilnius, 1997)
The research project included analysis of economic developments in the Baltic States, macroeconomic forecasts and analysis of Baltic States development over the medium term, as well as the analysis of economic situation and perspectives of Baltic States' capital cities in the context of development on country level.
Lithuania's Integration into the European Union (Vilnius, 1997)
The purpose of the study was to analyse and assess Lithuania’s prospects in the event of its accession to the EU. The study covered a number of various issues, such as political, legal, social, and economic ones. ERC prepared the following chapters of the study: The Functionality of Lithuania’s Market Economy Institutions and the Competitiveness of its Economy; Lithuania and Transport Policy of the EC; Lithuania and Internal Market of the EC; Lithuania and Competition Policy of the EC. The preparation of the project was coordinated by European Integration Studies Centre (EISC). EISC was also an editor of the study that was published under the title Lithuania’s Integration into the European Union: Study on the Status, Perspectives and Impact in two versions: in the Lithuanian language (all the study) and in the English language (summary of the study).
Tourism Act of the Republic of Lithuania: Draft (Vilnius, 1996)
The purpose of the Act was to lay down regulatory framework for economic entities providing accommodation services, information services (tourism information centers, guides, and escorts), as well as services on tours organization.
Primary Estimation of Monetary Flows in Lithuania (Hidden Economy) (Vilnius, 1996)
The objective of the project was to provide general insight into the origin of the underground economy in Lithuania and to analyse how the hidden economy transactions were reflected in the monetary statistics. The project included the monetary survey and money supply analysis, definition of implied underground activities in various sectors of economy (household, enterprise, and financial sector), analysis of external effects and foreign currency substitution phenomena. The primary estimation of the scope of hidden economy in Lithuania was provided.
Leasing in Lithuania (Vilnius, 1996)
The research project was based on both theoretical and empirical analysis of issues on leasing. The project included analysis of leasing market in Lithuania, main trends of its development and assessment of its future prospects, as well as impact of leasing activities on country's economic development.
Review of Lithuania’s Banking Market. Evaluation of Commercial Banks (Vilnius, 1996)
The research included analysis of the main trends of the monetary policy and banking sector developments in Lithuania. The evaluation of commercial banks was based on methodology prepared by ERC. This methodology was developed taking into account suggestions and recommendations of the Bank of Lithuania and banking community in order to determine ratings of Lithuanian commercial banks.
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