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AB “Senoji Baltija“ restructuring advisors (2002)
ERC prepared restructuring plan of AB “Senoji Baltija” according to requirements of Law on Enterprise Restructuring and took part in negotiations with major AB “Senoji Baltija” creditors seeking for debt write-offs and restructuring. Creditors of AB “Senoji Baltija” have approved the restructuring plan and quitclaimed about 5 million EUR claims, part of the debts was settled using assets of the company.
Creating Inclusive Classrooms (Vilnius, 2001-2002)
The main goal of the project was to provide optimal educational conditions for children with special needs in regular classrooms. The project focuses on the gap between advances made as a result of legal and educational reforms in Lithuania, and ability of parents and educators to use the possibilities offered by the new laws to improve the quality of educational services for children with special needs. The project was leaded by the Centre for Innovative Education, the main task of Economic Research Centre as a partner was to prepare the study on the situation in the educational and social spheres related to the situation of the children with special needs, including economic aspects of the problem.
Strategic Development Plan for Vilnius City (Vilnius, 2001-2002)
The project was designed to analyse social-economic development of the City, including industry, services, infrastructure, labour market, and etc. and to formulate the strategy and action plan for the development of the City in coming ten years.
Establishment of North Town Technology Park (2001–2002)
The project included preparation of feasibility study, consultations on strategy and structure of the Park as well as on financing and legal issues. The North Town Technology Park was established as the result of the project. The main goals of the Park are promotion of the development of the IT sector in Lithuania, encouraging growth of exports and establishment of new businesses.
AB "Lietuvos kuras" acquisition consultant (2001-2002)
ERC employees consulted UAB "Lukoil Baltija" in the process of acquisition of bancrupt company AB "Lietuvos kuras". ERC prepared optimal financial scheme for acquisition, participated in negotiations with creditors. Total value of the acquisition deal is 60 million Litas.
Conference on Strategic Urban Planning (Vilnius, June 2001)
The international Conference was planned within the framework of a project on Vilnius City Strategic Development Plan and was organized by ERC in co-operation with the Vilnius City Municipality. The event took place in the City Hall and hosted over a 100 participants. The main sponsors of the conference were Vilnius Municipality, the World Bank, also British Embassy and Nordic Council of Ministers. The main goal of the conference was to create an appropriate professional environment for discussions and exchange of experience and knowledge in strategic urban planning. Therefore, the conference sought to provide space for wider discussions on the needs of strategic planning in regions and cities, discuss different approaches and opinions, share ideas and knowledge; disseminate information and experience of foreign countries and cities in preparation and, especially, implementation of strategic development plans and programs; discuss the progress in preparation of the Vilnius City Strategic Development Plan, as well as vision and priorities of Vilnius City development. The proceedings of the Conference were issued in a book, which was widely disseminated among local institutions and specialists.
Social Policy Unit Evaluation Mission (Vilnius, 2001)
In the framework of the project Economic Research Centre experts acted together with the UNDP experts while analysing activities of the Social Policy Unit (Vilnius) and evaluating possibilities for its development.
An Economic Analysis of the Consequences of AB “Mažeikių nafta” Privatization (Vilnius, 2001)
Economic Research Centre carried out analysis of consequences of AB “Mažeikių nafta” privatization, as well comparative analysis of efficiency of oil processing enterprises of Central Europe and AB “Mažeikių nafta”, and developed forecasts of “Mažeikių nafta” activity. The project was commissioned by National Audit office of Lithuania.
Utena County Profile (Vilnius, 2001)
The study presented analysis of social, economic, and environmental situation in Utena county (Lithuania). The project also included analysis of a number of issues related to decommissioning of Ignalina Nuclear Power Station.
Bankruptcy and Restructuring of Lithuanian Enterprises: Guide for Bankruptcy Procedures (Vilnius, 2001)
The Guide presented explanation of main procedures that are obligatory to entities to perform while starting and/or undergoing process of bankruptcy, such as application to a court, instituting bankruptcy case at a court, dissolution of insolvent enterprise, sale of assets, meeting of creditors claims, and others.
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