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Master Plan for Vilnius County: the Economy (Vilnius, 2000)
The project included analysis of development trends and current situation of Vilnius County’s economy (including industrial, construction, services, and agricultural sectors) from the point of view of priorities of economic development, and identification of means and resources for further economic development.
Economic expertise of AB „Oruva“ business plan for Small Diesel Engine Production (Vilnius, 2000)
The goal of AB “Oruva” business plan validity’s expertise was to answer the following questions: whether AB “Oruva” business plan for Small Diesel Engine Production was cost-effective and the business plan was based on figures that were adequate to the real economic situation in Lithuania; whether the amount of the loan that was granted to AB “Oruva” with state guarantee is adequate to real business plan terms and what further sales prospects are for diesel engines that are produced by AB “Oruva”. A key aspect of which was based the analysis of the business plan’s validity was whether AB “Oruva” was able to generate adequate income.
Socio-economic Situation and Possibilities of Economic Co-operation between Vilnius County and Hrodna Region (Vilnius, 2000)
Within the project the analysis of Vilnius County and Hrodna region economic and social development was carried out, a publication on the development prospects and investment possibilities in the mentioned regions was prepared, and seminars-presentations of the publication for the representatives of the governing institutions and business community were organized in Vilnius and Hrodna.
Regions of the Baltic States in Profile (Vilnius, 2000)
The project included geographic, social and economic data and analysis of the regions of the Baltic States with regard to key features of each region. The coordinator of the project was Nordregio - Nordic Centre for Spatial Development (Stockholm). ERC performed analysis of social-economic development of counties of Lithuania. The project resulted in publishing of the book “Regions of the Baltic States” edited by Nordregio.
Establishment of Logistics Centre in Klaipėda (Klaipėda, 2000)
The main objective of the PHARE funded project was creation of the logistics centre in Lithuania which would be a member of EUROPLATFORMS E.E.I.G. Association, comprising more than 70 transport and logistics centers in Europe. The project included identification of the concept of logistics centers and its role in the development of Lithuanian economy, as well as preconditions for and plan of establishment of logistics centre in Klaipėda.
UAB “Ekoelektra“ acquisition consultants (2000)
ERC organized UAB “Ekoelektra” – a hydropower producer’s buy-outs from AB “Lietuvos energija”.
Nordic Economic Outlook (1998-2000)
Nordic Economic Outlook was published biannually by the Federation of Swedish Industries. The Outlook covered such countries as Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Economic Research Centre was preparing chapter on Lithuanian economy, covering the following issues - recent trends of economic development, economic policy, and prospects for the coming period.
Lithuania: from Transition to Convergence (Vilnius, September 1999)
The US assistance program (USAID) in Lithuania sponsored a conference Lithuania: from Transition to Convergence held in September 23-24, 1999 in Vilnius. The conference’s goal was to provide a concise survey of the economic background followed by a review of Lithuania’s developments in key areas of economic transformation, and evaluation of its progress. The conference hosted up to 200 participants. Economic Research Centre was the main organizer responsible for the agenda and identifying speakers who were to provide high-quality analysis, identifying and inviting participants, managing the facilities arrangement and technical, logistical works, preparing all the materials and conference proceedings. A complete set of papers was issued in a book, the ERC being in charge of the preparation and the distribution.
Vilnius County Development Trends (Vilnius, 1999)
The main objective of the project was to examine economic trends in Vilnius county, main problems and economic potential of the county in transition period to a market economy, and to provide proposals on strategic vision for Vilnius County.
PSO Country Reports: Lithuania (Vilnius, 1999)
The PSO-programme (Programme for Co-operation with Central and Eastern Europe) was a programme of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (the Netherlands). Its assignment was to evaluate the PSO-programme for the period 1994-1997. The Economic Research Centre was commissioned as a local consultant to carry out the evaluation of PSO Programme in Lithuania. The methodical guidance was developed by consulting company Research Vor Beleid, which was followed in the course of the work and in the preparation of the Report. The Report included description of institutional, social-economic (including sectoral), and regional development context of PSO in Lithuania, and evaluation of three projects within PSO Programme: project for vegetable co-operatives, Kaunas airport project, and project for diary factory “Panevėžio Pienas”.
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