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Evaluation of Klaipėda City Strategic Development Plan’s Conformity with Current Social Environment (Klaipėda, 2004)
The main objectives of the project were the following: to carry out analysis of Klaipėda city social environment; to identify national and regional strategic documents’ social objectives relevant to Klaipėda city development but insufficiently reflected in Klaipėda City Strategic Development Plan (KCSDP); to assess the progress of KCSDP implementation in social sphere; to provide recommendations for revision of KCSDP priorities, objectives, tasks, activities and other elements of the plan. Accordingly four documents have been prepared in the framework of the project, namely: “Analysis of Klaipėda City Social Environment”, “Analysis of Strategic Planning Documents”, “Assessment of the Progress of KCSDP Implementation in Social Sphere”, and “Recommendations for Revision of KCSDP Elements and Structure”.
Improvement of Methodology for Verification of Business Projects Submitted to Rural Credit Guarantee Fund for Receiving Guarantees (Vilnius, 2004)
The objective of the study was to develop proposals and methodological tools, implementation of which would enable to decrease risk of guarantees given by Rural Credit Guarantee Fund and increase quality of guarantees. The study included analysis of guarantees statistics, analysis of project valuation methodology applied by the Fund, as well as examination of experience on project expertise in similar institutions in EU.
Strategic Development Plan for Telšiai District (Telšiai, 2003–2004)
The main goal of the project was to prepare development plan for Telšiai District including vision, development priorities as well as action plan and monitoring system of the implementation of the strategic development plan. The role of ERC was consulting of the Municipality throughout all the process; coordination of all the activities as well as provision of methodological background.
Strategic Development Plan for Šilutė District (Šilutė, 2003–2004)
The project encompasses creation of the vision of District’s development till 2022, identification of development priorities; analysis of social-economic development trends; preparation of action plan for implementation of the strategy as well as creation of monitoring system of the implementation of strategic development plan.
Establishing Producers‘ Organizations for Fishermen and Aquaculture Farmers (LPOs) (2003–2004)
The project intends to strengthen the ability of Lithuanian fisheries industry to participate in the European Union’s internal market and so ensure economically and ecologically sustainable development of the industry. In order for this to happen it is essential that both a balanced and required regulation of the industry at large and appropriate producers’ organizations are in place. The primary aim of the project was to establish a producers’ organization (PO) for Lithuanian fishermen and aquaculture farmers, respectively. Project was carried out in cooperation with COWI A/S (Denmark). Role of the ERC was assistance in data collection in Lithuania and analysis, liaising with local stakeholders, reviewing and commenting on documents prepared.
UAB „Vakarų medienos grupė“ financial advisors (2002–2003)
ERC arranged about 13.2 million EUR long term Vilnius bank / Nord LB syndicated loan for refinancing of old high rate loans of AB “Klaipėdos mediena“. In the meantime ERC is preparing AB “Klaipėdos mediena” business restructuring project for withdrawing from detrimental businesses, optimizing organizational and business structures of UAB “Vakarų medienos grupė” and preparing company for financial investor.
National Tourism Development Programme (Vilnius, 2003)
The Programme covered such issues as evaluation of institutional structure and planning practices in tourism sector; assessment of tourism resources and main tourism products and markets, evaluation of the effectiveness of tourism marketing activities as well as identification of priority tourism development goals, objectives and measures. The survey of the entities of tourism sector was carried out seeking to identify obstacles in developing incoming tourism; development prerequisites as well as effectiveness of various marketing means.
Increase of Pharmaceutical Industry Competitiveness in the Context of Integration into European Union: Analysis of the Sector (Vilnius, 2003)
Main goals of the study was to identify possibilities for increase of Lithuanian pharmaceutical industry’s competiveness and to clarify needs for support regarding introduction of EU legislation into Lithuanian pharmaceutical industry. A survey of major Lithuanian pharmaceutical enterprises was carried out in the framework of the study. The study was commissioned by the Ministry of Economy of Lithuania and UAB “Sveikatos ekonomikos centras”.
Feasibility Study on Development of Sunrise Valley Cluster (2003)
The main goal of the project was to assess feasibility of the development of Sunrise Valley cluster in Vilnius. The study included analysis of the preconditions of cluster development in foreign countries and Lithuania as well as SWOT analysis of the development of Sunrise Valley based on the results of the survey of high tech companies interested in the development of the cluster. The further steps for the implementation of the project were presented in the study including proposals on the management structure.
Capital Development Programme for Vilnius City Municipality (Vilnius, 2003-2006)
The goal of the project was to provide suggestions, proposals and recommendations for change to the capital investment programming and revenue sources for the City of Vilnius: 1)To propose new sources of capital revenues. Such proposal included private investment opportunities and an overview of the development of public/private sector partnerships; 2) To develop a system for the ranking and prioritization of capital investment projects which was based on Best Practice information and is a made-in-Vilnius solution; 3) To review and provide recommendations for amending the roles and responsibilities of the various parties to the budgeting process with specific reference to capital investment programmes. The project was carried out in co-operation with Canadian Urban Institute.
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