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Strategic Development Plan for Vilnius - Kaunas Metropolitan Zone (Vilnius - Kaunas, 2003)
The main goal of the project was to prepare development strategy for the Vilnius - Kaunas Metropolitan Zone in such areas as tourism, business and knowledge economy development that would increase international competitiveness of the region. In the framework of the project analysis of the economic development of the region was carried out; action plan for the development of mentioned spheres prepared and discussed with main stakeholders involved.
Economic Development of Marijampolė Region (Marijampolė, 2002-2003)
In the framework of Phare 2000 ESC programme the following documents have been prepared - the Study on Investment Promotion in Marijampolė Region and the Tourism Development Programme for Marijampolė Region for 2003-2006. The Study on Investment Promotion in Marijampolė Region included analysis of social-economic development trends; analysis of legal basis for investment promotion, SWOT analysis as well as investment promotion strategy. The Tourism Development Programme for Marijampolė Region for 2003-2006 involved analysis of the tourism resources and tourism services in the region; identification of main tourism products and markets; SWOT analysis and action plan for the encouraging tourism development in the region.
AB “Vilspa“ business takeover consultants (2001–2003)
ERC acted as advisor in takeover of business of the largest Lithuanian printing-house, having major financial problems. During 2002–2003 ERC advised in arranging financing for construction and equipping the new printing-house (value of financing about 5,5 million EUR).
AB “Lietuvos tara” business takeover project consultants (2001–2003)
ERC advised AB “Klaipėdos kartonas” when retrieving major problem trade receivables from ABF “Lietuvos tara” (currently bankrupt), prepared business scheme and advised in organizing of takeover of ABF “Lietuvos tara” market thus enabling AB “Klaipėdos kartonas” to earn about 1 million EUR incremental net profit and secure about 35% of sales.
Strategic Development Plan for Panevėžys City (Panevėžys, 2002–2003)
The project encompasses creation of the vision of City’s development till 2020, identification of development priorities; analysis of social-economic development trends; preparation of action plan for implementation of the strategy as well as creation of monitoring system of the implementation of strategic development plan.
UAB ”Kauno termofikacijos elektrinė“ management consultant (2002–2003)
ERC was an advisor of UAB ”Dujotekana“, major Lithuanian natural gas importer. ERC prepared business structure and appropriate package of contracts determining internal relations of shareholders, prospective investments, financing, share acquisition and management related to UAB “Kauno termofikacijos elektrinė“ (Kaunas heat power station) in the privatisation process.
UAB ”Gargždų mida“ restructuring advisors (2002–2003)
ERC advised UAB ”Gargždų mida“ on restructuring issues, prepared restructuring plan of the company, took part in negotiations with company’s creditors (Ministry of Finance, AB “Hansa bankas”, and others) on debt restructuring (write-offs and capitalization), provided information to Competition Council of Lithuania.
Cluster Development in Lithuania: Analysis and Recommendations (Vilnius, 2002)
The main goal of the project was to present recommendations on the cluster development in Lithuania based on analysis of the preconditions for the cluster development in the country as well as assessment of other small countries’ experience in this area. The project included analysis of the clusters’ role in increasing competitiveness of the country’s economy as well as state policy issues in promoting cluster development in the country. The project was carried out in cooperation with Business Strategy Institute of Kaunas Technology University.
Vilnius Knowledge Economy and Strategy of it's Development (Vilnius, 2002)
The main goal of the World Bank funded project was to analyse knowledge economy development trends in the City including education, science and industry sectors as well as identify priority projects in developing knowledge economy in Vilnius. The knowledge economy development strategy for 10 years and action plan was prepared in the framework of the project as well. The results of the project were presented at the 3 international video conferences.
Feasibility Study on Establishment of Biotechnology Research Centre (2002)
The main goal of the project was to assess feasibility of the establishment of the Centre that would encourage cooperation among educational, science institutions and businesses in the biotechnology sector as well as promotion of innovations. The study involves analysis of the development of biotechnology sector in Lithuania; identification of current and future stages of the project; SWOT analysis; identification of main activities of the Centre, organizational structure; financial resources needed for the establishment and operation of the Centre, sources of finance and forecasts of income and expenditure.
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