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The Renewal of the Feasibility Study of the Establishment and Development of the Industrial Park in Šiauliai (Šiauliai, 2008–2009)
The purpose of the project was to renew the feasibility study prepared by Economic Research Center in 2005 of the establishment and development of the industrial park in Siauliai considering the new development possibilities and needs, such as reclamation of the additional 165 hectare, desire to boost the process of investor’s raising and the need of the logistics.
Association Football Club „Vėtra“ – project „Youth Format: Knowledge and Healthy Lifestyle“ (2007-2009)
The project received funding under EEE and Norwegian financial mechanisms support area „4. Health care and child care“. Total cost of the project is 1,9 million LTL.
UAB “Autoverslas” – investment project (2008)
ERC prepared investment project for the Establishment of Logistics Terminal for automobiles in Vievis.
Economic Valuation of Klaipėda Free Economic Zone (Klaipėda, 2008)
ERC, under the contract with JSC “Klaipėda Free Economic Zone Management Company“, performed valuation of economic effects of Klaipėda Free Economic Zone (KFEZ). Goal of the valuation was to calculate economic payback of Lithuanian Government investments into infrastructure of KFEZ, estimating both tax revenue as well spill-over economic effects. Valuation period includes historic period (from years 1997 to 2007) and projected development of the zone up to year 2024. The valuation demonstrated considerable positive payback of the Government‘s investments. ERC hopes, that this valuation will encourage Lithuanian Government to commit more energy and resources for development of industrial parks in Lithuania. Valuation was based on special purpose KFEZ investor‘s survey, European Commission recommendations on cost-benefit analysis of investment projects and experience of ERC in infrastructure projects.
UAB ”Leo ir ko” – new bio-ethanol plant construction project in Panevėžys (2008)
ERC prepared a business plan within the context of the project.
Strategic Development Plan for Varėna District for 2008–2017 (Varėna, 2007–2008)
The project encompasses creation of the vision of District’s development till 2030, identification of development priorities; analysis of social-economic development trends; preparation of action plan for implementation of the strategy, as well as creation of monitoring system of the implementation of strategic development plan.
Feasibility Study on Adaptation of Former Elnias Factory in Šiauliai for the Needs of Creative Industries (Šiauliai, 2007–2008)
Preparation of the feasibility study included such issues as analysis of external and internal environment of Šiauliai creative industries, development of Šiauliai art factory’s concept, analysis of the planned project (establishment of art factory) according to the defined criteria, assessment of possible activities, and preparation of investment project.
Research study “Systemic-based Designing of Municipal Policy Aimed at Improvement of Local Business Environment: Šiauliai city study” (2007)
The subject of the study is municipal policy-making process in the sphere of business environment improvement. Study includes both theoretical and empiric research targeted at designing and modeling municipal policy’s guidelines for business environment. Research is based on paradigm of social systems design, which combines general systems theory with cybertnetics, social and management sciences, and is related to public administration and strategic planning.
Feasibility Study on Adaptation of Former Tobacco Factory in Klaipėda for the Needs of Creative Industries (Klaipėda, 2007)
The study included analysis of the creative industries’ development in Klaipėda, development of the concept of Art factory, identification of project implementation stages, definition of main activities of future Art factory, its organizational structure, financial resources needed for the establishment and operation.
Impact of New Knowledge and Skills on Successful Project Outcomes: a Case Study of Vilnius City Strategic Plan 2002-2011 (Vilnius, 2006)
The case study was carried out in the framework of research for international symposium Skills for the Future. The overall purpose for this research was to provide background information, case studies and supporting evidence on the Symposium theme: Governance and Partnership – Building and Using Skills for Sustainable Communities. The “Skills for the Future” symposium was hosted by the Academy for Sustainable Communities (ASC) in Leeds in November 2006. In the case study of Vilnius City Strategic Plan, community skills and knowledge was discussed with the following considerations: importance of skills and knowledge used for the project for successful project outcomes; importance of community involvement in the project; importance of the project for development of the community skills and knowledge. Results and recommendations of the case study were also presented in the workshop Public Participation in Development of Vilnius Strategic Plan (October 5, 2006) that was organized by Vilnius City Municipality for delegation of Ukraine municipalities’ representatives.
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